World-Class Virtual Meetings

Meetings are the life-blood of any company.  They’re how ideas are shared and action planned.  So in the transition to virtual landscapes, it’s paramount they be secure.  Set up a dedicated hosting environment and let your meetings soar.

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Designated Equipment

Professional Lighting

Day-Of Direction

High Def Picture

Simplified Planing

Custom Set-Ups

Secure Streams

Meeting Strategy

Long-Term Rentals

Modern Software

Connect People and Ideas

Not Just Any Video Conference

Long-Term Strategy

Virtual meetings can suffer from lack of long-term strategy.  We set up dedicated video conference environments that boost productivity.  Connecting online has never been more important.  Don’t spend more time setting up than brainstorming.

Secure Sessions

Don’t let security stop you from hosting necessary meetings online.  Professional virtual meeting equipment and software is a secure option.  Plan with confidence and make future moves knowing your meetings are protected.

Virtual Playbook

Whether it’s meeting shareholders, employee brainstorming, or just a business update, the possibilities are endless.  Our video conferences connect and inspire.  If you’re ready for your next best virtual meeting, we’re ready to help.

Concept to Completion

Sharing New Ideas & Strategies

We approach virtual meetings like everything else.

We analyze and determine your video conference’s goals.  Then achieve those goals with cutting-edge technology.

We create modern and engaging events.  And utilizing our virtual meeting services is a big part of that.  Cultivate your online presence and connect with everyone — employees, guests, or attendees.

This is how we soar above all expectations.

Management & Instillation

We provide the best technology and direction.  We’ll manage your set-up as well as the day-of execution.  From start to finish, Eagle Production will take care of all your virtual meeting needs.

Technology & Connections

Connections are crucial in modern business.  And we know how to harness the technology to create those connections.  Our video conference service gets your message spread and heard.

Virtual Meeting Experts

Cutting Edge Solutions for Exceptional Experiences

We only use the highest-quality technology.  And that’s how we host the highest-quality events.  Video conferences are a major part of that.  However, what we’re truly best at is customer service.  Our goal is to make the entire event process easy on you.

Client Application

Tell Us About Your Goals

We take your goals and match them with our proven processes.  This is how we create incredible events on repeat.  Tell us what you want and we will assemble all the pieces to send your event soaring above and beyond your vision.  Every successful event has a lot of moving parts.  Let us take those off your mind by distilling those down into specific problems with simple solutions.

Mark Bober

The NJ Association of Paramedic Programs hosted our annual Leading Edge Conference at Bell Works this year, and Shaya and his team were attentive, detail oriented, and incredibly adaptable. On behalf of NJAPP, thank you to Eagle Production Co for a great event and a great partnership!

M. Weber

Thank you Shaya and staff for a great job and amazing experience! we had the services of Eagle Productions at our last OJBA show, the INTERSTATE EXPO 3.0, the full package of sound and video, Shaya was on top of his game from beginning to end! i would recommend them to anyone!

Andrea Aparicio-Noyola

It was the first time since the pandemic that we put on a conference, and having this company working for us was like a sigh of relief. The team was extremely professional, ready to jump in, and help wherever needed. Robin was responsive, brought lots of creative ideas, and was enthusiastic about her job. Their hard work helped our vision come alive for the stage. Their flexibility is commendable, especially with their willingness to travel to D.C and adapting to the multiple schedule changes.

Heidi Kane

We highly recommend Eagle Productions, and Shaya Adler in particular. They were professional, reliable, and became a solid part of our team to produce a stellar program for a major event for the school’s anniversary Dinner, attended by 900 guests. Five star rating.

Customized Experiences

Produce the Perfect Virtual Meeting Every Time

Everyone wins at an Eagle Production Co. event.  Craft a virtual meeting that satisfies everyone involved.  Clearly communicate directives and ideas.  Our virtual meeting service gives you the set-up of a pro.

Entertain & Educate

Virtual Events

Spread knowledge and reach a new audience with webinar hosting.  Deliver high-quality content to an eager audience.

The Right Infrastructure

Virtual Meetings

Tailor your next virtual meeting to your goals, both business and personal.  Connect to employees and clients.

Reliable Technology, Dependable People

Event Technology Solutions Made Easy

We stay on the cutting-edge of the event industry.  No matter what you’re trying to livestream, we have a solution for it.  From our full-service streaming studio to on-site instillation, we’ve excelled in creating virtual experiences.  See your event soar online.

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