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Coordinating a concert or multi-day festival is a tall order.  It requires precise direction and expert coordination.  Eagle Production Co. has the experience to make your event soar.


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Stress-free client application to match our stress-free event management services.  Give us the details and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.  While we can handle any event, we don’t do every event.  If we aren’t the best for you, we aren’t afraid to let you know.

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Stage Design

Festival Staffing

Custom Exhibitions

Indoor & Outdoor Shows

Custom Rigging

Show Videography

Audio Control

Hanging Lights

Festival Marketing

Display Walls

Legendary Concerts

Crafting Musical Experiences

Planning Pros

When it comes to concerts, planning is paramount.  You need someone with you every step of the way.  Our festival planning system sets you up for success.  And on the day itself, we’ll be there to make sure it’s all executed flawlessly.

Memory Makers

The worst thing a concert can be is forgettable.  The best shows have the best audio and the best visual effects.  Our concert planning expertise creates exciting shows and engaged crowds.  We create festivals no attendee will ever forget.

Festival Playbook

Leverage our experience and proven processes to showcase, educate, and engage.  Eliminate management headaches—for concerts and festivals large and small.  Wow your attendees with an event that soars beyond their expectations.

The Total Package

Everything Your Concert Needs

Leave your audience begging for an encore.

Throw a concert that’s not just about the music.  It’s about creating an immersive musical experience.

Turn your festival into that festival.

Create opportunities for your guests to learn and connect with each other.  Introduce buyers and sellers in unique and engaging ways.  Encourage product debuts and the release of news.

Connect the best musicians with the best effects.  Draw in crowds with innovative displays and professional stage-lighting.  Accommodate concert-goers with event staffing and amenities.  Make your festival a hit for years to come.

Our complete festival management services create concerts fans can’t wait to see.

Captivated Crowds

Concerts aren’t just about the music.  They’re about the spectacle.  The way the sounds work with the lighting, the staging, and even the ambiance.  Bring out your show’s true potential.

Full-Service Production

We do more than just set up the mics and stage.  We work with you step-by-step to plan every part of the concert or festival atmosphere.  Our work keeps crowds coming back.

M. Weber

Thank you Shaya and staff for a great job and amazing experience! we had the services of Eagle Productions at our last OJBA show, the INTERSTATE EXPO 3.0, the full package of sound and video, Shaya was on top of his game from beginning to end! i would recommend them to anyone!

Moish Warsh

I have already had several professional interactions with Eagle. My messages are promptly responded to, they are extremely courteous, and come through as promised. I HIGHLY recommend them, and look forward to working with them in the future!

Heidi Kane

We highly recommend Eagle Productions, and Shaya Adler in particular. They were professional, reliable, and became a solid part of our team to produce a stellar program for a major event for the school’s anniversary Dinner, attended by 900 guests. Five star rating.

Yaacov Cohen

Our event would not have been close to what we imagined it to be without Eagle Sound! The sound was PERFECT, the lighting was AMAZING, and the professionalism and customer service were second to none! Shaya and his team know how to get it done right the first time. You will not be disappointed with Eagle Sound.

Musical Experiences

Produce the Perfect Showcase for Any Event

Everyone wins with Eagle Production Co.  Follow our proven protocols for a successful event, no matter the industry.  Craft an experience that raises guest-counts and lowers planning stress.  Create raving fans and more demand year after year.

Trade Show Booth Ready For Display

Industry & Innovation

Trade Shows

From individual booths to arena-sized expos, we’ve planned them all.  See how we can make your next trade show fantastic.

 Style & Impression

Product Launches

Unveil your new brand with style and showmanship.  Create buzz and attract investors with the best launch tech.

Synergy & Rejuvination

Corporate Retreats

Bring the company together for work and play.  Releave stress and boost creativity with a well-planned (and deserved) retreat.

Concert With Lightshow

Ideas & Direction


Forge new paths and bring the business together.  Engaging conferences, virtual or in person, are always s smart move.

Gala Fundraising Table and Screen Display

Cause & Celebration

Banquets & Galas

Give your worthy cause the glamor it deserves.  Plan and throw your next banquet or gala in captivating style.

Nature & Location

Outdoor Events

Embrace the beauty of your surroundings.  The best outdoor events fluidly incorporate the natural landscape and modern tech.

Teamwork & Cooperation

Sporting Events

From managing high-profile special events to community-based sports, you need a team player.  Go with the best.

Charity & Promotion


Your worthy cause shouldn’t fall by the way-side.  Draw attention and donors with an attention-capturing event.

Message & Organization


Drumming up donations and press requires perfectly-executed events.  Give your speech or campaign the reach it needs.

Producing Predictable Success

Exceptional Events Made Easy Every Time

We know what it takes to throw a memorable event.  We also know how stressful they can be.  Let us assume the burden and guide you to success.  Describe your vision and we’ll do the rest.  From concept to completion, our services suite helps your event soar beyond expectations.

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