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When visualizing your event, you imagine perfection. Smooth, relaxed atmosphere. And most of all satisfaction. Here at Eagle Production Co., we have a full team ready to help you strive for the perfection so crucial to your event. Our strategists, marketers, designers and producers are lined up waiting to give you the pleasant experience you deserve. Contact us today to receive more information.

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Professional Audio, Video and Lighting for Social, Corporate Events, and Much More
Give Us A Call Today! 732-83-EAGLE(32453)


Professional Audio, Video and Lighting for Social, Corporate Events, and Much More
Give Us A Call Today!
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Effective marketing makes an effective event. At Eagle, we put in the time and thought necessary to properly strategize and plan your event. Success is closer than you think at Eagle Production Co.

Graphics • Media • Promos • Strategizing • Concept to Completion


Working out the details can get kind of stressful. That’s ok. That’s why we are here. Details are our forte. It’s what we thrive on and what will make your event thrive.

Venues • Transportation • Timing • Coordination


Not sure who will give you the most for your money? Who will take your vision of flowers and buffets and make it a model style event? Eagle Production Co. find the best vendors, individualized to your event needs. Forget the lists and phonebooks. Leave it all to the professionals.

Furniture • Floral • Tablescape and Linen • Floorplan • Flooring • Staging


In our ever-advancing world, many find it hard to stay on top of the latest technological trends. No worries. We know just how crucial it is for you to come across as an advanced corporation by your event and we know technology! Eagle Production Co has a full state-of-the-art warehouse complete with any piece of equipment you might desire. Not sure? Keep calm. Our team will do it all from start to finish so that you can stand back and relax while we take your breath away.

A/V • Lighting • Atmosphere • Power • Rigging • Mobile Wifi


Need to keep your crowd on their toes? Don’t want the most engaging part of your event to be the buffet? Let us know exactly what type of program you are looking for and consider it a done deal.

Entertainment • Attractions • Schedules

On-Site Partnerships

Eagle Production Company is an experienced event production company offering venues an opportunity to partner with us. We will align ourselves with your goals and mission to give your clients everything they ask for and more. Our loyalty and  dedication to what we do make us the perfect candidate for partnership. 

Whether you’re a hotel, convention center, college campus, sports, or entertainment facility, we have the experience and technology to create unmatched event experiences. Not only will your clients thoroughly enjoy themselves, they will repeat bookings, which will increase your revenue. Every project is tailor fit, customized  solution to your event.


Eagle Production Company is proud of our expert in-house crew. Our talented team of engineers are all seasoned professionals possessing the keen knowledge and skill to engineer your event. Passionate, easy to work with, and highly dedicated, our crew puts you in good hands.


Every Eagle Production property is stocked with an inventory specifically designed for that model. We address every venue’s individual needs. Our on-site inventories include ultra-short throw projectors, specialty drape, custom screens, and audio systems designed specifically to maximize the space for our customers.

Pro-active sales

Eagle Production Co. sales people are not your typical sales people. Our main focus is you. We care about our clients and truly believe in our FFproduct. We strive to and succeed in giving you your dream event. we put ourselves in our clients shoes and focus on creating a problem-free, flawless event. 


Eagle Production Co. is a professional Events Production company providing quality services to our diverse clientele since 2009. We began as Eagle Sound, a small business and have since evolved into a unique enterprise – Eagle Production Co. We are a full scale production and sales company based in the New York/Tri-State area. We use top-of-the-line equipment for all our audio, video, lighting, power and rigging services. We are constantly researching and investing in the latest and most innovative technology.

Eagle Production Co. is available to deliver its services in an unlimited variety of venues. We can take any space and transform it into the event of your dreams. We amaze our customers each time anew by creating their vision into reality. In one of our latest ventures, we completely transformed an empty warehouse into a theater by bringing in our own power, lots of equipment and an expert crew. We produce dinners, concerts, weddings, corporate events and everything in between. We do it all!


We are known for our unparalleled customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction. We provide you with the best and newest technology on the market. Each member of our professional team strives to make your event a great success. Our audio engineers, lighting designers and videographers showcase their best work to bring together an unmatched production.The total effect is superior which creates a unique touch of depth to enhance your event. Get in touch with us today to experience the Eagle Production Co. difference firsthand.


Some of our recent projects include venues such as Bell Works, NJ, The Aviator, Brooklyn, Trump National, Westchester, NY, The Hilton, NY, outdoor festivals and city blocks.

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