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Sporting event management has to take into account the spectacle of the event as well as what attendees came to see: the event.  It has to inspire cheering crowds.  Eagle sporting events soar beyond.

Sporting Events

Designed to Win

From Start to Finish

Eagle Gives Your Event Wings

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Football Games

Soccer Matches


Professional Leagues

Auto Racing

College Sports




Scheduling Strategy

Legendary Sporting Events

More Than Just Another Game

Memory Crafters

The fans came to see a game.  But they also came for an experience.  Professional sporting event management creates those experiences.  Between scoreboards, sound cues, and lighting, the best sporting events create those lasting memories.

Revenue Generators

A sporting event is a prime source of revenue generation and marketing potential.   The best event management companies draw fans and companies in.  Don’t let potential investors fall by the wayside because your event seems amateurish.

Sporting Event Playbook

Leverage our experience and proven processes to showcase, educate, and engage.  Eliminate management headaches—for large sporting events and small.  Wow your attendees with an event that soars beyond their expectations.

The Total Package

Become Your Sport’s “Go To” Game

Leave your fans begging for more.

Create a full sporting experience they’ve never seen before.  While making sure they’re always excited for the next game.

Set youself apart from other teams or leagues with the best events.

Turn your sporting event into that sporting event.

Create new fans with awe-inspiring spectacles.  Bring in advertising dollars while filling up stadiums.  Bring your team or event up to the cutting edge.  Give your fans the game they deserve.

Our complete sporting event services turns your event into a “must” for your sport.

World-Class Games

Sporting events are a major industry in the US and on the world stage.  That means your event absolutely has to stand out.  Don’t risk a sporting event no one tunes in for or wants to come to.

Full-Service Management

Let Eagle Production Co. handle every part of your sporting event.  We’ll take care of all the nuts and bolts, from staffing to event marketing.  You just sit back and enjoy the game.

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Take the First Step Toward Your Ideal Event Today

Stress-free client application to match our stress-free event management services.  Give us the details and we’ll see if it’s a good fit.  While we can handle any event, we don’t do every event.  If we aren’t the best for you, we aren’t afraid to let you know.

What They Say About Us

It was the first time since the pandemic that we put on a conference, and having this company working for us was like a sigh of relief. The team was extremely professional, ready to jump in, and help wherever needed. Robin was responsive, brought lots of creative ideas, and was enthusiastic about her job. Their hard work helped our vision come alive for the stage. Their flexibility is commendable, especially with their willingness to travel to D.C and adapting to the multiple schedule changes.


Andrea Aparicio-Noyola

53rd Conference of The Americas 

The NJ Association of Paramedic Programs hosted our annual Leading Edge Conference at Bell Works this year, and Shaya and his team were attentive, detail oriented, and incredibly adaptable. On behalf of NJAPP, thank you to Eagle Production Co for a great event and a great partnership!


Mark Bober

The NJ Association of Paramedic Programs

I must say…Great staff at Eagle, very friendly. Equipment was very well prepped and maintained, cleaned and ready when i got there. Smooth sailing with no issues whatsoever. Thanks to Shaya, Chris and the entire Eagle team. Great working with you guys!!


Nirmal Mohammed

Mass Audio

Unforgettable Experiences

Produce the Perfect Showcase for Any Event

Everyone wins with Eagle Production Co.  Follow our proven protocols for a successful event, no matter the industry.  Craft an experience that raises guest-counts and lowers planning stress.  Create raving fans and more demand year after year.

Concert With Lightshow
Music & Immersion


Concerts are about more than just the music.  Let us handle all the moving parts and you just focus on rocking out.

 Style & Impression

Product Launches

Unveil your new brand with style and showmanship.  Create buzz and attract investors with the best launch tech.

Synergy & Rejuvination

Corporate Retreats

Bring the company together for work and play.  Releive stress and boost creativity with a well-planned  retreat.

Concert With Lightshow
Ideas & Direction


Forge new paths and bring the business together.  Engaging conferences, virtual or in person, are always s smart move.

Gala Fundraising Table and Screen Display
Cause & Celebration

Banquets & Galas

Give your worthy cause the glamor it deserves.  Plan and throw your next banquet or gala in captivating style.

Nature & Location

Outdoor Events

Embrace the beauty of your surroundings.  as we fluidly incorporate the natural landscape and modern tech.

Teamwork & Cooperation

Sporting Events

From managing high-profile special events to community-based sports, you need a team player.  Go with the best.

Charity & Promotion


Your worthy cause shouldn’t fall by the way-side.  Draw attention and donors with an attention-capturing event.

Message & Organization


Increase donations and press with a perfectly-executed event.  Give your speech or campaign the reach it needs.

Producing Predictable Success

Exceptional Events Made Easy Every Time

We know what it takes to throw a memorable event.  We also know how stressful they can be.  Let us assume the burden and guide you to success.  Describe your vision and we’ll do the rest.  From concept to completion, our sporting event management services suite helps your event soar beyond expectations.

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