William Sound Talkback System T45-R37

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The DWS COM 6 300 Digi-Wave Wireless Intercom System is a simultaneous, 2-way, wireless intercom system in the 2.4 GHz band. This system works well in an event-production scenario where the director and other crew members can immediately and accurately communicate from different production locations. A 1-way and/or 2-way simultaneous communication with other crew members allows the director and assistant director to speak simultaneously; members can hear both the director and assistant director; members can participate as listen-only or can access 2-way mode with the push of a button.

System includes 6 DLT 300 transceivers, 6 MIC 044 2P dual muff headset microphones, 6 CCS 044 silicone skins, and 1 CCS 030 DW heavy-duty system carrying case.

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