Vari Zoom Remote for Panasonic AG ux 90 Cameras

The VariZoom Stealth LANC Zoom Controller is a slim, compact remote lens controller designed specifically for camcorders equipped with 2.5mm LANC control such as Sony, Canon, JVC, Blackmagic, and Panasonic AG-CX350, CX10, and AU-EVA1 cameras. The center of the controller features a throttle that is pressure-sensitive, allowing you to perform gradual in-and-out zooms, smash zooms, or steady-speed zooms. This compact control will fit on nearly any tripod, camera support, or stabilizer arm with a maximum diameter of 1.25".

Controls Zoom, Focus, and Record Compatible with LANC Sony/Canon Cameras Compatible with Panasonic CX350 and CX10 Variable-Speed Throttle, Focus Rocker Built-In 40" LANC Cable

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 in

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