RDM Controller / DMX Tester – XMT-350

The XMT-350 is a compact and modern RDM controller and DMX tester. RDM-enabled devices can be monitored and controlled with the XMT-350. For example, the DMX address can be set remotely. The XMT-350 automatically detects and lists all reachable RDM devices. The DMX patch mode of the XMT-350 simplifies the installation. The user selects the desired order of the fixtures and the XMT-350 patches the devices automatically.

RDM controller
Set DMX addresses remotely
Set "Personality" mode remotely
Readout RDM device information
Automatic DMX patch support over RDM
DMX receiver
DMX transmitter
RGB LED control
Moving light control
Cable tester
Channel "tracer"
Dip-switch display
Programmable sequence (chaser)
Timing analysis
Configurable frame rate

Additional information

Weight 0.88 lbs
Dimensions 4.7 × 2.8 × 1.8 in
Full Technical Specs

Ambient temperature – 0 to +45°C (+32 to +113°F)
Battery – 9v block battery
Use of rechargeable battery – Yes
USB current draw- 150mA max.
USB port- Micro USB, type B

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