Minuit Une IVL Photon

Minuit Une develops, designs, and manufactures innovative lighting solutions dedicated to giving smaller productions the magnitude and emotions of big arena lighting experiences: the IVL Lighting range. No need to accumulate quantities of equipment. The thrill already starts with one single IVL luminaire.The IVL luminaires allow the conception of next-generation light shows in small and mid-sized venues:
– highly creative, immersive, and spectacular
– cost-effective, low logistics, low consumption, low carbon footprint

An easily incorporated design to deliver versatility in any show: music show, corporate event, aftershow, conference, club, broadcast, and many more.
Lightweight , compact, low power consumption.
An adjustable handle for a quick set-up in any position.
An excellent RGB colorimetry
An intuitive control, accessible to any lighting operator without training.
60 DMX channels offering control over 9 gobos, the dimmer & RGB for each of the 8 tilts, a zoom to activate the moving core and an electronic shutter.
A modular conception for low maintenance, fast repairs, and an extensive lifespan.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 22 × 13 in
Full Technical Specs

Class 3R laser product: extended source
Wavelength: 448nm,518nm,638m
Colours: smooth RGB spectrum
Beam diameter (1/e) at scanning vertex: >14mm
Beam divergence: >1,5mrad
Scan rate: 330HZ
Distance from scanning vertex to closest point of human access (NPHA): 240mm
Maximum output: 23,2 μJ
Typical average power at 1m: <1mW
Number of channels: 60
2 options: standard or fast mode
Update: by micro-SD card
Electronical gobos: 9 e-gobos
RGB control: independent RGB control per tilt (x8)
Dimmer control: independent dimmer control per tilt (x8)
Zoom parameter: control of the moving core position
Strobe: control over the frequency of the pulse and the duration of the pulse
Number of beams: 1 to 256
Control: intuitive gobo like system
Gobo type: number of beams
Gobo size: width of the beam
Gobo indexation: position of the beam
Gobo rotation: speed and direction of the beam
AC power input/output: Neutrik PowerCon True1
DMX data in/ou: 5-pin locking XLR

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