Fuel Angle M Pinspots

Angle Light "M" is a new generation FUEL Wireless Spotlight that includes the best features of our award winning Angle Light Zoom, and adds an amazing interchangeable Light Head System that allows for instant adaptability in terms of light color, quality and beam spread. The "M" gives you total creative freedom by allowing you to invest in different light heads for different design purposes . With our unique modular light head system, you will have the ability to quickly swap from a Pin-Spot to a Wash Head, or 2700K light output to 5000K.

Hot Swappable Interchangeable Light Heads
Pin-Spot Heads are Zoom Capable to Vary the Beam Size (4-10)
High Grade Rechargeable Lithium Battery
14 Hours Runtime at Full Intensity ( Zoom ), 8 Hours ( Wash )
Extremely Powerful Magnetic Mounting Base
Remote Control ( 2 IR Remotes are Available )
4 Zone Control - Set groups of Fixtures to A,B,C or D
Light Weight - 16 ounces
Compact Body - 9"L x 2"w x 2"w
All Aluminum Anodized Body and Head Components
Extremely Bright Pin-Spot Beam ( Matches 35 Halogen Pinspot )

Additional information

Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 54 × 27 in

1x remote, Power port plug

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