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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my inquiry/quote is confirmed?

A team member will email you within 48 business hours for confirmation. If the products requested are not available, they will offer you a comparable model.

Do you deliver? If so, how far away? Is there a fee?

Yes we deliver anywhere and there is a fee. This additional cost is sectioned off on your quote under Delivery and is based upon mileage and rental size vehicle- local vs. crossing state lines all affect the price.

Do you offer pickup?

Yes. We can pick up equipment when your rental period is over and that will appear on the quote under Delivery as well.

Is there insurance on equipment? If not, can I request it?

Insurance is a must when renting & we comply with any required insurance in order to operate as a rental house. We require a signature to accept the terms and conditions of our insurance policy and what you are liable for.

My equipment is not working, who should I contact?

While we hope this is never the case, your confirmed quote will have an assigned Project Manager with their full contact to provide the best customer service. As a large scale company, we have large quantities of our products to better service all of your needs.

Can you set up the equipment as well as deliver it?

Yes we can set up the equipment as well with an additional labor cost. We have a wide range of diverse, talented technicians who are multidisciplinary. Eagle Production Co. creates events that soar beyond expectations!

Do you guys have any packages or deals?

We do have packages available. For example, any required cables for requested equipment on a submission will automatically be added to the quote by the employee managing the submission. Accessory packages can be offered as well. Beyond that, our full-scale event services company offers packages such as small audio breakouts, medium audio breakouts, etc.

Can I request a rental that is not on the website?

We are grateful to have many connections that enable us to acquire many types of production gear. Simply add a note to your inquiry or follow up via email and we will see if we have the desired fixture available or what is in stock that is comparable.

Can I extend my rental? If so, how?

As soon as you are aware of an extended rental period, get in contact with your Project Manager right away. If it is prior to pickup/delivery, then it is more likely that we’d be able to accommodate. If the equipment is in use, it might already be booked for a fellow client upon return. Eagle is eager to please so we’ll always see what we can do!

Can I buy equipment from you as well as rent?

For now, our equipment is only for rent. Eagle prides itself on having the most up-to-date & modern technology so, we do sell off our old inventory often and if you are interested, you can email with more details.

World-Class Event Inventory

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We know how to win with events.  And we know how to do it consistently.  Equipment plays a key role.  We excel at event rentals and taking on the full workload and delivering the final product.  We don’t let you get bogged down in the muck.  We help you rise and soar above.

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